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The Speech Impact Course was introduced in 2011.  It has now run extensively in the UK  and courses in English have been run in Holland, Spain, Germany and Eire. Additionally a Crawford’s accredited trainer has run several course in German for the German speaking market.  

It is run over two half days.  Theses can either be run concurrently or separated by a time period for practice of techniques learned.

The first session concentrates on the importance of good voice performance to be effective and engaging during phone calls.  These can be one to one, conference calls, sales calls, service calls or any non-visual interaction.

We examine professional practice by actors, broadcasters and performers to understand what makes a voice interesting and stimulating.  We encourage participants to discover their voice signature and understand its importance in the world of voice communication.

The second session takes the form of a conference call moderated by the Crawford trainer that allows the participants in groups of five to exercise the skills and vocal techniques they learned during the first session and get feedback on their improvement.