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Presentation Training for Business

Nearly one in ten workers admitted to having fallen asleep during a work presentation (9%), while a third (34%) have witnessed someone else nodding off, according to a survey of office employees in UK.  10% of office workers have sat through a presentation so dull that they have actually invented a reason to leave.

A third of survey respondents (34%) said that they spend between 25-50% of the time that they are supposed to be watching a presentation thinking about something else. 12% actually spend almost all (75-100%) of the presentation with their mind elsewhere.

Boring meetings are a waste of time. The majority of us (86%) spend up to five hours a week in meetings, but this is often time wasted. Only 16% of people would describe the meetings they have at work as “inspiring” and 79% of workers say that they’re more productive at their desks.

Meetings are not set up to allow everyone to contribute, with only 42% of people describing the meetings they have at work as “collaborative.” 57% of workers think that one person usually talks too much and 58% of people think that meetings would be better if everyone was more able to get involved. Only a quarter (27%) office workers have been trained to lead a meeting.

While watching presentations, a fifth of office workers (21%) have wanted to say something, but were not given the opportunity to do so. 17% of people dislike presentations because there aren’t enough opportunities to ask questions.

Sharp Research, London, March 2014.

Most work meetings and presentations are uninspiring and unproductive claims research launched today by Sharp Europe.

Top three presentation dislikes: